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NOC, RMM, Antivirus Management- Get it done at Eynetech

Customer: MSP based in Texas. 

Number of servers:  317
Number of customers:  44
Tools used to handle the projects and tickets:

  •  RMM tool- ConnectWise Automate tool
  •  For Ticketing- ConnectWise Manage
  •  For backup- Shadow protect, Veeam
  •  Antivirus- Webroot
  •  For documentation – ConnectWise Automate, SharePoint

Onsite engineers: 3.
Support start date: March 2019

Eynetech Scope of Work:

  1.  24hrs 365 days NOC support.
  2.  The scope involved handling RMM management and after-hours Scheduled Tasks.
  3.  The client created a common support mailbox and shared the credentials with the NOC Team. NOC engineers use this email to communicate with the  customers.
  4.  The client used MS Teams for quick internal conversations.
  5.  The client has only one login for RMM, Ticketing, Documentation and other tools.
  6.  The Escalation Matrix is provided by the client. 

Nature of Work 
The main duties of 24/7 support are:

  • Server Health Check-up.
  • NOC Assigned Tickets.
  • Management of Win- Failover cluster server farm and VMware vSphere server farm.
  • Active Issues- to check on the ConnectWise Automate tool and resolve issues.
  • Check Daily Antivirus status on all servers.
  • Assist customers in infrastructure migration and advice on new implementations. 
  • Perform last night backup verification for all customers.  
  • Escalating Server offline issues to Onsite engineers. 


The Client is a leading MSP and their major issue was handling many customers and their infrastructure. They had dedicated engineers but as the device count and issues were high, they were not able to proactively monitor the server issues. This led to new problems on top of the existing ones.

The Client called on Eynetech for their Support, as we work purely as a White Label Service Provider.  They started with NOC support, which covered 24/7. We are supporting them with their RMM management, NOC alerts, backup management, and Antivirus management.

We are supporting them for L1, L2, L3 and scheduled tasks during the after-hours and weekends.