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Round the Clock SOC support


Our client from Ireland is a leading telecom, managed service and network infrastructure service providers.


Customer needed an additional help as well as experts to support them for their security operations.
We provided them with seamless support with the best quality with regards to SOC industry.


Eynetech Solutions

When the customer approached us there were so much security concerns with respect to their network and infrastructure.
Eynetech has studied the network logs that are generated and have taken all the proactive measure with respect to security. All the security concerns issue like failed logon, password lockout, unusual logon activity which are basic way getting into network in un-authorized manner are monitored by us.
We have checked for the most minute of issue and updated our client within the promised SLA. This proactiveness from us helped us to gain trust of our client which influenced them to expand the support with us.
It has been a year approximately and we are proud to provide our client with the best support and helping them expand beyond boundaries.

Key Features

  • SOC perfect monitoring
  • 24/7 log analyzing
  • Escalating security issues through ticketing tool

Technologies and tools

  • AD audit plus
  • Event log analyzer
  • SIEM tool
  • Connectwise Manager

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